linopy: Linear optimization with N-D labeled variables

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linopy is an open-source python package that facilitates linear or mixed-integer optimisation with real world data. It builds a bridge between data analysis packages like xarray & pandas and linear problem solvers like cbc, gurobi (see the full list below). The project aims to make linear programming in python easy, highly-flexible and performant.

Main features

linopy is heavily based on xarray which allows for many flexible data-handling features:

  • Define (arrays of) contnuous or binary variables with coordinates, e.g. time, consumers, etc.

  • Apply arithmetic operations on the variables like adding, subtracting, multiplying with all the broadcasting potentials of xarray

  • Apply arithmetic operations on the linear expressions (combination of variables)

  • Group terms of a linear expression by coordinates

  • Get insight into the clear and transparent data model

  • Modify and delete assigned variables and constraints on the fly

  • Use lazy operations for large linear programs with dask

  • Choose from different commercial and non-commercial solvers

  • Fast import and export a linear model using xarray’s netcdf IO


So far linopy is available on the PyPI repository

pip install linopy

Supported solvers

linopy supports the following solvers

Note that these do have to be installed by the user separately.


Copyright 2021-2023 Fabian Hofmann

This package is published under MIT license.