We welcome anyone interested in contributing to this project, be it with new ideas, suggestions, by filing bug reports or contributing code.

You are invited to submit pull requests / issues to our Github repository.

For linting, formatting and checking your code contributions against our guidelines (e.g. we use Black as code style and use pre-commit:

  1. Installation conda install -c conda-forge pre-commit or pip install pre-commit

  2. Usage:
    • To automatically activate pre-commit on every git commit: Run pre-commit install

    • To manually run it: pre-commit run --all

Contributing examples#

Nice examples are always welcome.

You can even submit your Jupyter notebook (.ipynb) directly as an example. For contributing notebooks (and working with notebooks in git in general) we have compiled a workflow for you which we suggest you follow:

This obviously has to be done only once. The hook checks if any of the notebooks you are including in a commit contain a non-empty output cells.

Then for every notebook:

  1. Write the notebook (let’s call it foo.ipynb) and place it in examples/foo.ipynb.

  2. Ask yourself: Is the output in each of the notebook’s cells relevant for to example?

    • Yes: Leave it there. Just make sure to keep the amount of pictures/… to a minimum.

    • No: Clear the output of all cells, e.g. Edit -> Clear all output in JupyterLab.

  3. Provide a link to the documentation: Include a file foo.nblink located in doc/examples/foo.nblink with this content

  4. Link your file in the documentation:


    • Include your examples/foo.nblink directly into one of the documentations toctrees; or

    • Tell us where in the documentation you want your example to show up

  5. Commit your changes. If the precommit hook you installed above kicks in, confirm your decision (‘y’) or go back (‘n’) and delete the output of the notebook’s cells.

  6. Create a pull request for us to accept your example.

The support for the the .ipynb notebook format in our documentation is realised via the extensions nbsphinx and nbsphinx_link.