linopy.solvers.run_highs(model, io_api=None, problem_fn=None, solution_fn=None, log_fn=None, warmstart_fn=None, basis_fn=None, keep_files=False, env=None, **solver_options)#

Highs solver function. Reads a linear problem file and passes it to the highs solver. If the solution is feasible the function returns the objective, solution and dual constraint variables. Highs must be installed for usage. Find the documentation at

. The full list of solver options is documented at .

Some exemplary options are:

  • presolve : “choose” by default - “on”/”off” are alternatives.

  • solver :”choose” by default - “simplex”/”ipm”/”pdlp” are alternatives. Only “choose” solves MIP / QP!

  • parallel : “choose” by default - “on”/”off” are alternatives.

  • time_limit : inf by default.


  • status (string,) – SolverStatus.ok or SolverStatus.warning

  • termination_condition (string,) – Contains “optimal”, “infeasible”,

  • variables_sol (series)

  • constraints_dual (series)

  • objective (float)