Module containing all import/export functionalities.


binaries_to_file(m, f)

Write out binaries of a model to a lp file.

bounds_to_file(m, f)

Write out variables of a model to a lp file.

constraints_to_file(m, f)

Write out the constraints of a model to a lp file.


Join string array together (elementwise concatenation of strings).


Convert bool to int for netCDF4 storing

objective_to_file(m, f)

Write out the objective of a model to a lp file.

read_netcdf(path, **kwargs)

Read in a model from a netcdf file.

str_array_to_file(array, fn)

Elementwise writing out string values to a file.

to_file(m, fn)

Write out a model to a lp file.


Convert a float array to a string array with lp like format for coefficients.

to_int_str(da[, nonnans])

Convert a int array to a string array.

to_netcdf(m, *args, **kwargs)

Write out the model to a netcdf file.